Reaching The Peak

I joined “The Peak” health & wellness center a few days ago, and am absolutely loving it. I really enjoy the layout – plenty of room and space, way-high ceiling. Also good: no waiting for a particular machine, very friendly staff, and my favorite feature of all: the huge window on the south side of the building that gives a great view of the outdoors! The view looked great before the snow, and it looks great WITH the snow, too! Overall, it’s just an enjoyable place, which makes working out much more “look-forward-to”-able.

I have noticed one problem, though: the website. Maybe it’s just some quirk of my computer, but using Firefox, I’m not able to view nearly any of the content – just the navigation along the left side of the page and the header up on top. It shows up fine in MSIE, so maybe it’s just Firefox. Give it a look and let me know what you see – full content, or big empty space in the middle. Read more

Polar Plunge Update!

Making progress! The KFBB team has raised $300 so far, thanks to donations from the following good folks: Katie Knepp, Victoria Plank, Geannine Rapp Purpura, Deborah Jenkins, Leslie Stoll, Roy, and Linda Gray – thanks all! Only $700 more to go until we hit the magic $1,000 mark – come on, people, give just a little bit towards the Montana Special Olympics, and let’s keep our KFBB team OUT of the water and nice & warm on Saturday!


Taking The Plunge!

Next Saturday is the 2006 Downtown Stroll (aka Christmas Stroll or Holiday Stroll) – one of my favorite events! This year, for the first time, the event will be held on a Saturday and run from 11:00 am until 7:00 pm instead of the usual Friday evening/night. In conjunction with The Stroll, you can get involved and help a good cause, check this out: at 4:00 pm at the Stroll, the “Polar Bear Plunge” will take place, in which brave souls jump into some freezing water, all in the name of good fun and helping the Montana Special Olympics. This is where you come in: our two local TV news teams are competing to raise money and only YOU can make the difference!

KFBB and that “other news station” are fighting it out for a good cause. Help KFBB News Channel 5 raise money for the Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run. If KFBB raises the most money, “those other guys” have to take the plunge. Help us freeze out the competition by pledging today!

It’s between KFBB and KRTV, and thanks to the recent coverage of by Alex Perkic and the KFBB team, that’s where I’m throwing my support (sorry Cecile!)! I got the ball rolling with a donation a few minutes ago, and now I’m asking all of you to do the same – you can donate in less than two minutes with this handy “First Giving” page. Go for it!

Blanket Of Snow

Last year we received about 18 inches of snow in the days after Thanksgiving, and it looks like 2006 is taking a page from that playbook!

Snowy Morn! | Blanket of Snow! | Flocked Trees! | Marketplace Snow

ZenPanda also has some pix of the snow. Most of my co-workers probably woke up this morning and thought, “I bet Dave is pretty happy!” I’ve kinda sorta got a reputation for doing happy dances up & down the halls at work whenever it snows, you see. But I understand that there are, surprisingly, quite a few people who DON’T like the snow and cold. If you fall into that category, then perhaps you’ll get some good ideas about how to cope with winter over at this Ask Metafilter thread that starts off with a plea for help:

I hate winter. How can I make the next four months better than they would be otherwise? The winter has always been cold and dreary, filled with bad things and stress and having to walk everywhere while freezing. I already bought earmuffs. Other than that, how can I make this winter more enjoyable? [preferably very inexpensively.]

If any of you long-time Great Falls residents can add to this list of tips to handle winter, cold, and snow, let everyone know by leaving a comment here!

B-Ball Tonight

Tonight our very own Great Falls Explorers will take the court at the Four Seasons Arena in their last pre-season game. Their opponent tonight is the Malmstrom Air Force Base “All-Stars,” who aren’t part of the league but should help the Explorers put on a good show. The Newstalk 1400 site has more information and pictures about the team. Tickets for tonight’s game range from $9 to $25. Also on hand will be the Explorers’ dance team, the Sapphires. Also making an appearance will be the official mascot of the team, Rocky Raccoon, although I’m a bit puzzled over how a raccoon ties in with the “explorer” theme:

rocky the raccoon.jpg | explorersofficial.JPG | sapphires.JPG

UPDATE, Friday @ 10:25 pm: The Explorers blew out the Malmstrom All-Stars – final score was 144 to 65.

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