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Stopped at one of the Kwik-E-Marts on 10th Avenue South yesterday and the fellow that walked in as I was paying for my Red Bull looked very familiar…I knew that I knew who he was, but also knew that I had never met him. I focused on the bushy beard and it finally came to me: it was Larry Kralj – or as some of you may know him, “Larry Kralj, Environmental Ranger!” I approached and said hello, and after a moment he realized that I was one of the local bloggers. I told him that he and I disagree on many, many things, but suggested that, since he is so opinionated and leaves comments throughout the Big Sky Blogosphere, he should start his own blog. He politely explained that he stays pretty busy with school and coaching, but indicated that he would consider it. All in all, a nice person to meet, although as I said, opposite sides of the political spectrum.



  1. You could use a little diversity of opinion on this site. That goes for the rest of the blogs linked on your site too.

  2. So, Norman, you have read all the sites linked to this one? wow- that must have taken a bit.
    I think we have plenty of diversity here but if you want to add your opinion please start a blog…like we have said IT’S FREE!

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! on

    It’s true. I met Dave, and he seems very nice. I don’t know what Dave’s politics are exactly, but if he arrived at his as I did mine, then he’s legit. For you see, I arrived at my cycnism, passion, and activism honestly. And hence, I express it. It’s who I am. I truly believe in honest expression and free, unedited speech. That’s why I post. It’s important for everyone to understand the real level of discontent out there in the real world, and the internet is the best way to do that. The Rangers make no bones about how we feel. We never have. We formed about fifteen years ago to confront head on the heapleach goldmining corporations who were raping the land. And we’re still out there fighting for the environment. Turns out that most Montanans agreed with us on the gold mines, and thus passed I-137. I’m glad that Dave does have his own site. As I mentioned, I really don’t have time for one. I admire people that are willing to host a site, regardless of what their politcal persausion is. I enjoy the give and take.

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