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I’m not a huge fan of Mexican food, but the rest of the family is, and after living here for 3+ years and relying solely on Taco Bell, we were beyond ready for Fiesta en Jalisco to open. I had tried Maria’s shortly after I arrived here and was very disappointed. So about three weeks ago we ventured forth, expecting a bare-bones Mexican restaurant with average food. Boy, were we surprised! It was gorgeous inside – completely redesigned from the old Applemill Grill – with lots of festive colors, tiles, and decor. Our waiter, Antonio, was prompt and very friendly, the overhead music was authentic and lively, and best of all, the food was great (especially the fried ice-cream for dessert!). GeeGuy didn’t have such a good experience when he visited, unfortunately, but based on our first visit, we’ll definitely be back soon.


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