Say It With A Sign

Forgot to post this picture from a few weeks ago when we changed from Winter to Spring — the good folks over at Sinclair & Country Club Express are always good about having upbeat messages!

Hair Color – Update

(The Story So Far. ) My daughter and I met with Mr Kuntz, the superintendent for the middle/high schools, on Thursday. He was very nice and understanding, and it seemed to me that he had no particular problem with hair color. He explained the difficulty in striking a balance between maintaining order & safety in schools while also allowing the kids to express themselves, which we understand.

Location, Location, Location

Wondering how much your home is worth? Take a look at Zillow…just type in your address and see what kind of value it displays for your house. I doubt that it’s 100% accurate, but when I looked up my house and compared the year-to-year trends on some of the 1, 5, and 10 years graphs, it seems close enough to be at least in the ballpark. You can see how your home value stacks up…

Where’s Larry?

Apparently, “Larry The Homeless Guy” has been spotted in Black Eagle, and according to one report, he is building a home there.

The Fix Is In

OK, sports fans, I think that I fixed the “comment text box is too long” issue; a simple tweak in the comments.php file, reducing the textarea from 100% to only 50%. It worked OK for me in both IE and FireFox; give it a shot on this entry and see how it looks. Thanks!

Hair Color @ School, cont

My daughter and I attended the school board meeting this evening. We sat through an hour of previously-scheduled agenda items, learned a bit about how the board works, and then had a few minutes to state our case for rescinding (or otherwise modifying) the existing “natural hair color only” policy. The board did seem quite sympathetic, but pointed out to us that we didn’t follow the correct protocol for addressing such an issue. Apparently we…

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