Keep On Blogging

OzzByte is trying to decide whether or not he wants to be a blogger, and references a “hardcore” blogger as an example. Or, more accurately, whether he wants to continue blogging. Personally, I want him to continue blogging, because he really is one of the smarter guys I’ve ever met (despite his being arrested in seven countries – but never the US!). He’s very tech-savvy, which gives him a bonus +10 Cool Points in the blogosphere. And he’s very opinionated. So let’s recap: he’s smart, tech-ie, and full of opinions. People, this is a no-brainer: OzzByte should continue blogging. Can I get an “amen!”?

Dumb Criminals

The Great Falls Police Department arrested two (alleged) child-porn creeps who apparently had a thing for underwear (over 2,000 found) – and worse. The two young daughters of this couple are now in the care of the state, thankfully. The only good thing about this case now is that these (alleged) idiots effectively turned themselves in to the police: the husband called the police to turn his wife in for blackmailing him by threatening to expose his porn collection. Or something like that. Bottom line: these two (alleged) creeps are now behind bars.

New Year’s Eve

Here’s a couple of of events for New Year’s Eve in Great Falls…know of any others?

K-99 Radio: New Year’s Eve Extreme Dance Party; everyone 21 and under is invited; laser light show, huge video dance system, balloon drop at midnight; dancing & celebrating all night long; from 8:30pm-1am in the Expo Building on the Fairgrounds. Admission is $12. Call 727-8900 for details.
Best Western Heritage Inn: “Born To Be Wild” party begins at 8 p.m. Music by the Juke Box Band. Snacks, midnight dessert station and prize drawings. Cocktails are available. Tickets cost $20. Call 761-1900 for details.

Around Town

What’s going on the Great Falls blogosphere? Keri wants to know why people claim to want “change,” but are then fearful of it. BestBuddie has some cute pix of “pimp-mobiles” for tykes. GeeGuy does some detective work on the trail of a cowardly commenter. Holiday wishes from Aaron! YorkStBum goes on a rant about some Red Sox thing. Firefly talks about books, movies, and movies from books. SallyT takes the Tribune to task over the report on a science fair. ZenPanda has a cute chickadee picture! Meanwhile, several Great Falls bloggers haven’t updated too much lately, but we may hear from them soon: AJ, RayRay, and Ozzbyte. So…that’s the State of The GF Blogosphere. Did I miss anyone?

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