What The Heck?

Driving home a little after 8:00 pm this evening along 10th Avenue, heading west, and about the time I passed the Albertson’s/Target area, I saw a huge arc of light – a flash – in the sky over the western side of town, near the airport. I thought maybe I imagined it, but then a second flash occurred. Hm. It looked almost like lightning, but I don’t recall seeing lightning in this kind of weather before. I continued on 10th Avenue, and lo & behold, there was no power from Hastings all the way down to Bison Ford! And when I got home, the kids said that the power flickered for about 15 seconds at the time that I saw the flash. Weird. Any of you folks lose power, or have flickering?

And More Snow Coming!

From the “Breaking News” section over at GreatFallsTribune.com:

Great Falls residents dug out from the town’s biggest-ever snowstorm Monday and braced for more, with at least six inches expected Tuesday. The holiday blizzard dropped 18.1 inches in the Great Falls area between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning, breaking the three-day total snowfall record of 17.6 inches set in 1973.

And while many people are enjoying the wintry blast, there is bad news: missing hunters, power failures, and auto accidents.
Here’s the official weather statement from the National Weather Service: Read more

Record Snowfall

It’s official: Great Falls received at least 12 inches of snow from the Saturday/Sunday storm! There were some vehicle accidents, but it looks like most people are delighted by the “early winter,” including kids and outdoors-lovers:

Winter sports enthusiasts…licked their chops at the sight of up to 4 feet of snowfall reported at one area ski hill. And children…donned snow pants and moon boots for their first chance of the season to roll a snowman or ride a sled.”It’s just beautiful,” said Charlie Willett, an employee at Showdown Ski Area near Neihart, where the snow base was up to about 30 inches Sunday.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Anyone have pictures to share?


HOLY COW — I woke up at 10:00 am this morning, and I’m pretty sure that this is the most snow that I’ve seen in my 3+ years living in Great Falls! Not sure how much – but I’d say we’re up to probably about a foot of snow, with drifts up to two feet! The official measurement from the NWS is 9 inches, as of 5:00 am – but it hasn’t stopped snowing since then. None of the Great Falls webcams seem to be working (or updated) right now, but you can check out some of the other Montana webcams to see how the rest of the state fared.

Snow Storm!

Back in October, we had our first official snow of the season; and earlier this month, we had our first snowfall that lasted more than a few minutes…but Saturday, November 26, probably qualifies as our first Snow Storm of the season! Started falling around 5:30 pm or so, and as of midnight it was still falling – woohoo! I had to drive from Fox Farm over to Murph’s (by Malmstrom) twice this evening, and those streets were SLICK. I got a few pix, mostly from the parking lot of the Sinclair station on Fox Farm. Did I already say “woohoo!”?

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