Keri wants to know what kind of Halloween costume you wore tonight (or your kids, I suppose)! As for me…well, I’m actually pretty disappointed in myself…for the first time in memory, I skipped Halloween. No costume. Now, of course, I’m kicking myself for not enjoying the day by dressing up. Some of the folks at work dressed up; we had a wizard, a couple of zombie-types, a goth princess, a chain-gang prisoner with a warden, a kitty-cat…great fun! But dang….why did I pass up this once-a-year opportunity? Now I have to wait another year. *pout*

Biting The Hand

Remember the string of vandalism that plagued the Park-n-Ponder restaurant a few months ago? Turns out that at least one of the incidents was committed by none other than an employee:

Police say 24-year-old Andrew Merenz admitted to breaking into Park and Ponder and breaking a window back in August.

Cripes. The only thing worse than being vandalized by an unknown criminal is being vandalized by someone you trust.

The Big Game

Go Bison! GO CMR!So…do you cheer for the Great Falls Bison, or the CMR Rustlers? The big cross-town rivalry will be held tonight (Friday); I read a few years ago (in USA Today, IIRC) that the Bison/Rustler rivalry is one of the “10 Best” in high school sports.

UPDATE @ 10:18 pm: Sassy, my on-the-scene Sports Correspondent, reports that the Bison have defeated the Rustlers with a score of 14 – 7.

They Report, They Decide?

Yes, the Greater Falls Election Blog has been taken down; hey, it was an interesting experiment, and at least we tried; I appreciate Dona Stebbins’ involvement. Maybe for the next election, the entire field of candidates will take advantage of web-based campaigning and interacting with voters.

Originally posted September 23: Continuing with the entry below, about Mayoral candidate Dona Stebbins replying directly to a voter’s question on a blog, consider this: KQDI 1450AM is sponsoring a “Citizen’s Forum” on their website: Read more

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