“Meeting By Accident”

If you listen to the radio in Great Falls, then you’ve heard the commercials for 3-Way Auto Body. The announcer says: “Meeting by accident — a commonly used phrase…in the auto body business, it’s true: if you meet somebody by accident…” The thing is, I don’t recall EVER hearing anybody use the phrase, “meeting by accident.” Have you?

Election Blog

Great Falls Election 2005 OK, it’s not exactly the slickest-looking weblog, but it works: Great Falls Election 2005! Not much there yet, but it’s a start. Comments are welcome by anyone, and anyone can register and make a post of their own: citizen asking a question of candidates, or candidate posting his or her views or platform. Some basic rules of engagement: be nice, no flaming, no slander, etc. What do you think – will this work?

Civics Blogging

One of the very neat things about blogging is that it allows everyone to get involved. Perfect example: Aaron posted an entry about a zoning issue in his neighborhood, and posed a question to Dona Stebbins, who is a Mayoral candidate and was involved in the zoning decision several years ago. Dona is ahead of the curve, relative to most politicians: she reads blogs, and she understands that blogs represent another avenue to stay current with issues at the truly “grassroots” level. Bottom line: Aaron posed a question for all to see, and Dona replied in kind, explaining the zoning decision and giving some background.

Aaron’s post & Dona’s replies will not be seen by the same number of citizens who read the Tribune, but it is immediate, posted for all to see, and preserved for others to read and comment on at will. Good job, Aaron & Dona!

Around GF

What’s going on in the Great Falls blogosphere? First up is Andrea, who offers an apology for ever uttering the word “jetter,” which is a term used by some Great Falls natives to refer to the airmen at Malmstrom Air Force Base. Keri is hitting the road for a mini-vacation with her kids; she better bring some pix to share with us! Ray has some thoughts on the Katrina situation, and who is to blame for the post-storm chaos. The York Street Bum attended the Blues & Brews party last week and has photographic evidence.

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