Ponder This

This is infuriating: vandals have struck at least four times at the Park-n-Ponder restaurant at Gibson Pond during the last month. How on earth anyone could do this just makes me sick. Does anyone have some ideas about how to help protect the Park-n-Ponder, since the police obviously can’t place an officer there round-the-clock? The Park-n-Ponder is a great place — good food, good service, wonderful decor, and of course the wonderful view of the…


Another Great Falls blogger has been added to the roster: GF Firefly! She has some thoughts about the PETA protest that occurred this week downtown. Good stuff – go visit and leave a comment to welcome her to the GF blogosphere.

Same, But Different

The big news finally broke today: the Base Realignment & Closure (BRAC) panel voted unanimously to keep the flying mission at the 120th Air National Guard in Great Falls. Not only is the flying mission going to remain here, but it will change, too, as the F-16 fighter jets are replaced by F-15 jets. I’m glad that the “roar of freedom” will continue to be heard in the skies over Great Falls!

Hop On The Bus, Gus

If you’re looking for the school bus schedule, you can find it in the Sunday (August 21) edition of the Great Falls Tribune. Strangely enough, it’s located on page S-7 in the Sports section. I have no idea why this information isn’t available on the Tribune website, or especially on the Great Falls Public Schools website (or perhaps I didn’t look hard enough).

Kid Stuff

If you’re new to Great Falls and have kids, and particularly if you moved here from a larger city, don’t let the deceptively small size of Great Falls fool you: there are PLENTY of things to do with the kids! Here’s a great list to get you started. ps – you can do most of this stuff even if you don’t have kids!

Java Jive

It’s official: Starbucks is open for business in Great Falls. A grand opening was held this evening, with United Way helping out. After being reminded by a friend that tonight was the opening, I stopped by to take a few pictures, inhale the heavenly aroma, and sample one of the delicious finger-pastries that were being handed out. Lots of people there – and everybody was smiling, talking, waving, and happy. A few hipsters, some older…

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