All’s Fair In…

Time for the annual Montana State Fair – right here in Great Falls! So – who’s going? What are you looking forward to at the Fair? Or are you skipping it? I might go to see the animals and enjoy the food, but I’m not a big fan of carnival rides.
UPDATE: wheeeeee! I went to the fair on Saturday – spent nearly five hours there and LOVED it – here are a few pix! It cost $2 to see the white bengal tigers – and it was the best $2 I’ve spent in a long time – they are BEAUTIFUL creatures, and the two babies were amazing. Also: Rachel saw Big & Rich in concert and has some great pictures to prove it!

X Marks The SAM

Despite my appreciation for the newest radio station in Great Falls – SAM @ 107.3 – it appears that some people are quite upset about the decision to change the format, going from death/thrash-metal to the eclectic “Jack” format. The writer states that Great Falls derived great benefit from the death-metal format – even citing the creation of the Riverside Railyard Skatepark as one example of the power of “X.” Well, as far as not liking the new “random” format, I’ve heard this complaint from a few friends and co-workers – but the number of people that I’ve talked to that LIKE the new format definitely outnumber the ones who prefer the death-metal format. So let’s put it to a vote: do you prefer the old X-107, or do you enjoy the new SAM?

Explore! The Results

The Explore! The Big Sky month-long event has come to an end, and it looks like final attendance figures didn’t quite meet expectations: an estimated 40,000 visitors came through Great Falls and Fort Benton. Financially, it didn’t turn out too well, either: the deficit incurred by EBS is estimated at more than $500,000. Overall it appears that tourism was up due to EBS and Lewis & Clark events, which is good, but the increase didn’t come close to what organizers had predicted. Read more

Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

Um…did anyone else feel a bit of shaking at about 10:08 pm on Monday night? I was at the computer and suddenly the monitor seemed a bit jiggly — it disoriented me for a moment — then I noticed the stuff on top of the desk (router, pocket-pc, etc) kind of tremble…so I stood up, and I kind of wobbled a bit, and then the whole house kind of rumbled and gave a good shake. What the heck? Was it a mild tremor? Did something crash nearby? Weird… UPDATE: trying to access the Montana Tech earthquake site — and getting a message that the page can’t be displayed because too many people are trying to access it…hmmm…and FYI here is a brief history of earthquake activity in Montana.

UPDATE @ 10:27: Osbasso down in Helena is reporting an earthquake, too.

UPDATE @ 10:28: CONFIRMATION from KIM! — location approx 13 miles from Dillon! If you felt it, then GO HERE and fill out a USGS survey! Number of reports coming in from Helena, Livingston, Great Falls, and lots of other places. Map of areas reporting in. Read more

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