I’m sure many of you have heard fireworks going off all over town the last several days; sure, it can be fun to watch, but it sure is damn noisy. I confronted a teenager the other night at 10:30 pm and asked him to stop, explaining that people had to get up to go to work early in the morning. His response: “It’s legal two weeks before and two weeks after the 4th of July – state law!” I begged to differ, and asked him if he would prefer to have the police explain the laws to him. He snorted, but as I dialed the police on my cell phone, he promptly stopped lighting the fireworks. So, since you asked, here is the rule:

Though you can BUY fireworks now, a city ordinance makes it illegal to set them off in the city until Thursday. Fireworks may be used from June 30th to July 4th at midnight.

Be Aware

Richard Shular The Great Falls Tribune reports that a Tier III sex offender has moved to Great Falls:

Richard Shular, 23…convicted of raping 2 teenage girls in 1997… finished his 5-year sentence in August 2003… is a tier III sex offender, considered high risk for reoffending… now living at 15 15th Street N. ..white male, 6-feet tall with blonde hair and blue eyes…175 pounds…medium complexion…tattoos on both arms and calves, a dragon on his back and various designs on his chest and stomach.

The Sexual & Violent Assault Registry still lists him as being in the Gallatin County Detention Center, but that (hopefully) will be updated soon.

Open For Business

Atlanta Locksmith

Finally! The northeast section of River Drive, also known as the Northeast Bypass, is scheduled to open at noon on Thursday, June 30, after nearly a year of detours, gravel, and dust for Great Falls drivers. This will make it much easier to get to the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center, as well as local businesses that have been dramatically affected by the road closure, such as Best Resting Motel, Big Sky Animal Clinic, and others. It will make the drive to work much smoother for lots of Malmstrom airmen, too. Read more

Trib Feature on Blogging

Just finished up an interview with Rich Ecke, a features writer for the Great Falls Tribune. Basic stuff: how did I get into blogging, why do I enjoy it, etc. Also discussed what makes Montana bloggers so special, how many Montana bloggers are there, and such. I mentioned Miss Bonkrood, who was the very first Montana blogger that I read, back in 2002 before I moved here, and Rich mentioned AJ Tooley, who was also interviewed for the story. He also asked about Craig, and I explained that Craig was essentially The BlogFather for many Montana bloggers, and one of the first (THE first?) name-brand MT bloggers. Good discussion with Rich — nice guy – maybe we’ll get him on board as a blogger! I’ll post a link when the story runs in a few days or weeks.


Somebody has some fond memories (and pictures!) of their visit to the Sip-n-Dip! The Sip-n-Dip Lounge is located in the O’Haire Motor Inn in downtown Great Falls, and back in 2003 it was ranked by GQ magazine as the “#1 Bar In the World Worth Flying To.” The primary attraction, other than the kitschy ultra-tiki-theme, is the mermaid swimming in the tank; in fact, when the most famous mermaid of modern times, Darryl Hannah, visited Great Falls, she donned a mermaid suit and jumped in, too.

According to Rhett Gadke: “The Sip n’ Dip is a force of nature. Piano Pat singing Neal Diamond, stiff cocktails, unbelievable ambience (they have bloody mermaids.) This place has more character than a hundred contrived big-city bars. You do yourself and those you love an injustice by visiting Great Falls and not partaking of its glory.” Quite an endorsement! Definitely on the “must see” list of places in Great Falls.

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