Who Was Who at the 750 MDS?
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The 750th Medical Squadron at Onizuka Air Station in Mountain View, California - BEST SMALL CLINIC!
Latest updates are in BLUE text (October 2007)
NAME Workcenter
@ 750 MDS
(last known)
Last Known Base/Status Area Notes
Alejo, Susan Family Practice SSgt Travis MDG California  
Allen, Todd RMO MSgt Patrick MDG Florida  
Barana, Nick Peter Family Practice SSgt Davis-Monthan MDG Arizona  
Becich-Welch, Steph SG Secretary Civilian ??? ???  
Beery, John Life Skills Major ??? ???  
Bellemin, Mickey Pharmacy Major DSCP  NMOP Pennsylvania  
Bennion, Layne Life Skills Major Keesler MDG Mississippi  
Bramlett, May Admin SrA Separated ???  
Buckner, Jason RMO Major AF/SGMA Washington DC  
Buttino, Lynn Optometry Contractor Sacramento California Proud mother of two!
Byron, Russ Dental Colonel RETIRED Kentucky Professor @ UoK
Christensen, Carl Biomed Equip MSgt RETIRED Utah  
City-Carroll, Racquel Dental SSgt Separated Arizona Mom of TWINS!
Crawford, Maurice Pharmacy MSgt Lackland MDW Texas  
Das, Chander Family Practice Contractor Mountain View California  
Dayley, Rod Tricare MSgt RETIRED California Bay Area
Delaney, Tom Administrator Colonel Randolph - HQ AETC Texas  
Estrella, Vickie Family Practice SMSgt ??? ???  
Evans, Charlotte Flight Medicine TSgt RETIRED Texas  
Felger, Phyllis Family Advocacy Civilian ??? ???  
Flick, Noah Bioenv Eng Sgt Osan MDG Virginia  
Freeman, Jason Admin SrA Separated California  
Frisbee, James Pharmacy MSgt RETIRED Montana!  
Gaskins, Paul Dental SSgt Separated ???  
Gaskins, Paulette Dental Civilian Separated ???  
Gillette, Missy Flight Medicine MSgt RETIRED August 2007! Texas  
Gilliard, Mike Immunizations MSgt Travis MDG California First Sergeant @ Travis
Gimlich, Doug RMO Major Ramstein Germany HQ USAFE/SG Systems
Gosvenor, Phil Family Practice Captain RETIRED Oregon  
Greene, Uril Flight Medicine Lt Colonel RETIRED Florida  
Greer, Julie Public Health MSgt RETIRED Colorado  
Griffin, Tony Immunizations SSgt Osan Korea  
Hanson, Gordon Dental MSgt Lackland MDW Texas Also a Bexar County Sheriff
Hartmann, Paul Life Skills SMSgt Lackland MDW Texas  
Haughton, Rob Radiology MSgt Fairchild MDG Washington  
Haynes, Meg Public Health Lt Colonel Brooks USAFSAM Texas Got her PhD!
Hickman, Ray Dental SSgt Pope MDG North Carolina "The Artist"
Higgins, Milton Tricare TSgt Luke  MDG Arizona "Uncle Miltie!"
Hinds, Dave Pharmacy MSgt RETIRED ??? Pharmacy school?
Hoenick, Frankie Public Health TSgt RETIRED Wisconsin  
Hoffman, Jeff Family Practice Major RETIRED New York Married Margi Hinds
Hopwood, Paula Tricare Center Contractor ??? ???  
Ingram, Errol Tricare MSgt RETIRED California  
Jackson, Jeff Admin SrA Separated Louisiana Jeff & Melissa have two babies!
Jackson, Melissa Admin SrA Separated Louisiana Melissa is a nurse!
Jimenez, Yolanda Chief Nurse Lt Colonel Lackland MDW Texas  
Johnson, Carl Tricare SMSgt Minot MDG North Dakota  
Johnson, George Commander Colonel Robins MDG Georgia Med Group/CC
Johnson, Vicki Chief Nurse Lt Colonel RETIRED Ohio (?)  
Kastner, Marty Bioenv Eng MSgt McChord MDG Washington  
Kelsey, Fred Public Health Lt Colonel HQ AFSPC/SG Colorado  
Kim, Jason Flight Medicine Lt Colonel ??? ???  
Kmiec, Mike Radiology SSgt Langley MDG Virginia  
Korn, Susan Tricare Center Contractor ??? ???  
Kuechmann, George Logistics MSgt RETIRED New Mexico My arch-nemesis!
Labove, Darlene Appointments Civilian ??? ???  
Leinen, Linda Family Practice TSgt RETIRED Illinois?  
Lewis, Jan Life Skills TSgt RETIRED Oregon  
Marquis, Yvette Dental Captain Los Angeles MDG California  
Martinez, Roy Public Health MSgt Aviano MDG Italy  
McCauley, Tim Commander Colonel McChord MDG Washington  
McGraw, Joe Commander Lt Colonel RETIRED Arizona  
McKenzie, Stan Logistics MSgt Hanscom MDG Massachusetts  
McKinney, Mike Pharmacy MSgt Luke  MDG Arizona  
Medina, Rod Pharmacy 1Lt Navy Navy Navy MSC officer now!
Megill, Cathy Dental SrA Separated ???  
Mercado, Barbara Dental Civilian Eglin or Tyndall Florida  
Noble, Anna Flight Medicine MSgt RETIRED California  
Nocito, Liz Dental SMSgt Holloman MDG New Mexico  
Ogrisseg, Jerry Life Skills Captain Separated Washington  
Pador, Ed Systems Civilian ??? ???  
Pat Bojcek First Sergeant MSgt Bay Area California  
Poulard, Herve Family Practice Captain MacDill MDG Florida 1999 AF PA of the Year
Rapaport, Seymour Family Practice Contractor ??? ??? "Kramer!" 
Reese, Diane RMO Colonel Kirtland MDG New Mexico MDG Commander!
Rinehart, Eric Logistics TSgt Separated Virginia (?)  
Sabio, Ian Felix Laboratory TSgt Lackland MDW Texas  
Schultz, Rich Dental MSgt RETIRED Washington  
Sheehan, Joy Laboratory MSgt RETIRED California  
Sherman, David RMO Captain RETIRED October 2007! Montana www.davidmsc.com
Sherman, Pam Optometry Contractor Texas Texas  
Sincoff, Danille Flight Medicine SrA Charleston  South Carolina  
Sincoff, Justin Laboratory 2nd Lt Charleston South Carolina  
Smith, Joe Bioenv Eng MSgt Davis-Monthan MDG Arizona  
Snyder, Fred Flight Medicine MSgt Nellis MDG Nevada Married Maria!
Staples, Jeff Dental Colonel ??? ???  
Stephens, John Tricare SrA ??? ???  
Stoute, Steve Laboratory CMSgt! Robins MDG California  
Sullivan, Marge Appointments Civilian ??? ???  
Swindling, William Commander Colonel RETIRED California  
Taxin, Ed Physician Colonel RETIRED (eff Dec '07) Arizona  
Towne, Jeff Pharmacy 2nd Lt Offutt Nebraska Now a navigator (?)
Treguboff, Tom Biomed Equip TSgt ??? ???  
Unsinger, Jodi Laboratory Captain Separated ???  
Vallejo, Maria Logistics MSgt Eglin MDG Florida  
Ware, Jim Family Practice Major Ramstein MDG Germany  
Wilkins, Kevin Radiology SSgt USAF Academy MDG Colorado  
Willis, Valerie Admin MSgt RETIRED Arizona  
Wisniewski, Steve Tricare TSgt MacDill MDG Florida  
Wolbers, Linda Family Practice Major Separated California  
Wolfe, Tammy Tricare SrA Separated ???  
Zlotnick, David RS Pediatrics Contractor ??? ???