Former Sheriff

There’s an interesting contest underway now in Cascade County between several men who want to the Sheriff…and my wife just found this nifty old promotional card for a Sheriff from a while back. How many of you remember Barry Michelotti?

Even better – the back of the card contained the complete list of Montana counties and license plate numbers, along with the county seats and distance from Great Falls – very cool!

Reggie Watts Is…Mark Hamill

Reggie Watts (GFHS grad, musical director on “The Late, Late Show”) visited KRTV on Wednesday – absolutely a super-nice guy, and very funny. Everybody was happy to meet him.

After the obligatory interview, he posed for selfies with just about everybody.

When it was my turn, I asked him to record a brief video for my daughter, who adores him and thinks he is the funniest guy on earth. Reggie obliged, and left us all laughing, too 😀

Here’s the extended interview:

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